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Verne Global Finland Co-founder Discusses Carbon Negative Journey at PTC’23

Another year brings another opportunity for Kim Gunnelius, Co-founder and CCO of Verne Global Finland, to discuss his company’s carbon negative journey. 

Gunnelius spoke with JSA TV at PTC ‘23 in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii earlier this month. Kim sat with Barb Mitchell to discuss how joining forces with Verne Global under the Digital Infrastructure 9 (D9) umbrella speeds up their journey toward becoming carbon negative and is beneficial for customers.

Last year, Verne Global Finland (previously Ficolo) announced they were joining the D9 portfolio, which includes sustainability-focused companies, Verne Global and Volta. Learn more by watching the Verne Global JSA TV interview in its entirety.

To read more about Verne Global Finland’s sustainability efforts and download their new comprehensive guide, The Journey to Climate Neutral: A Guide to Data Center Sustainability, click here.

Connect with other sustainability partners today through the Greener Data Network.


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