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Defining Greener Data: The Power of Aligning Measurements [View the Virtual Roundtable Discussion]

As the data center industry collectively sets challenging environmental goals for the next few years out, including getting to net zero carbon, the question on the minds of many is what measurements matter, and which matter the most?

With multiple metrics, reporting bodies, regional and global standards and certifications, how can we focus on the measurements that get us closer to zero emission targets most quickly, and how can we demonstrate this?

In this Greener Data virtual roundtable, executives from Infrastructure Masons (iMasons), nZero, InfraPrime and Green Building Initiative share success stories and lessons learned that can help us to track, measure and optimize data center sustainability regionally and globally, for today and tomorrow.

Moderated by industry sustainability expert Mary Allen, the panel includes:

🌳 Dean Nelson, CEO of Cato and Founder & Chairman of Infrastructure Masons 

🌳 Shawn Novak, Chief Sales Officer of nZero

🌳 Susanna Kass, Co-Founder of InfraPrime

🌳 Vicki Worden, President & CEO of Green Building Initiative

Greener Data
Author: Greener Data


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