Greener Data Volume Two Earth Day 2024

Building upon the insights and success stories shared in the first book, “Greener Data – Volume Two” will focus on four key sustainability topics facing the digital infrastructure industry: 

  • Aligning Measurements
  • Renewable & Clean Energy Solutions
  • Power & Cooling Innovations
  • The Financial & Social Benefits of Going Green 


Volume Two will make its debut on April 22, 2024, in recognition of Earth Day.

Enter: Greener Data

This multi-author, visionary book series features the voices, stories, and perspectives of leading decision-makers in the data center and network infrastructure industry who are passionate about drastically reducing carbon emissions for a more sustainable Earth.

Empowering other industries’ digital transformations, our innovators from around the globe share their timely insights to inspire positive and ever-lasting change and sustainability.

But it’s more than a book series; it’s a movement.  Join us as we raise awareness, educate, share real-world examples, pledge our commitment and work together to heal this world and provide a lasting legacy for our children.


Actionable Insights

What began as a book featuring the voices, stories, and perspectives of leading decision-makers in the data center and network infrastructure industries is now a global sustainability movement.

The Greener Data platform provides multiple, inclusive ways to enable change through resources that include:

  • An Amazon Bestseller book with 24 contributing authors
  • A directory of sustainability partners
  • A series of in-depth virtual roundtables
  • Featured Q&A’s with sustainability trailblazers
  • Live broadcast chats with thought leaders at the top global network infrastructure conferences


Stay tuned for updates on the next book in the Greener Data book series, “Greener Data – Volume Two”, debuting Earth Day 2024.

Actionable Insights from Industry Leaders

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Greener Data Virtual Round Table Series

When defining the future of the data center industry, one initiative is clearly paramount: environmental sustainability. Hear the new innovative ways digital infrastructure experts from around the world are partnering together, making it a top priority to reduce critical facilities’ carbon footprints.

Topics Include:

  • Building the business case for “Going Green”
  • The latest power & cooling innovations to shrink the carbon footprint of our network infrastructure
  • Renewable and clean energy solutions to cut carbon in the data center

About the Authors

Greener Data: Actionable Insights from Industry Leaders is the first book in the Greener Data series and includes insights and real-world examples from 24 industry thought leaders from around the globe, from Ireland to Finland to Hong Kong to middle America, representing every layer of our critical network infrastructure, and seeking to answer one complicated question: how can we get our data greener today and together?

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