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Renewable & Clean Energy Solutions to Cut Carbon in the Data Center [View the Virtual Roundtable Discussion]

Looking for ways to incorporate renewable energy solutions into your decarbonization roadmap?

In a recent Greener Data virtual roundtable, executives from Bloom Energy, Cumulus Data, EdgeConneX, Microsoft and Nxtra by Airtel provide insight on the latest technologies and solutions now available to data centers and telecom networks as we transition our energy grids off fossil fuels.

During the discussion, the group talks about the pros and cons for nuclear, hydrogen and more, and how we can best explore these solutions to cut our carbon reliance in our infrastructure industry and beyond.

Moderated by JSA’s Buffy Harakidas, the panel includes:

🌳 Jeff Barber | VP of Global Data Centers, Bloom Energy
🌳 Anand Ramesh | SVP of Advanced Technology, EdgeConneX
🌳 Scott Hanna | Chief Revenue Officer, Cumulus Data
🌳 Sindhu Sharma | Head of Sustainability, Nxtra by Airtel
🌳 Ehsan Nasr | Datacenter Advanced Dev Team, Microsoft

Greener Data
Author: Greener Data


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