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Power & Cooling Innovations to Shrink the Carbon Footprint of Our Network Infrastructure [Watch It]

Did you know that climate-friendly cooling can cut years of greenhouse gas emissions? Or that some data centers are using Mother Nature’s resources by building data centers within naturally-cooling caves while using wind power to operate them?

Discover the power and cooling solutions in use today at data centers around the world that are successfully reducing the carbon footprint of our industry’s network infrastructure.

Several contributing authors of the upcoming ‘Greener Data – Volume Two’ – the next volume in the Amazon best selling book series – gather together in a virtual roundtable to experience and insight on the topic of “Power & Cooling Innovations to Shrink the Carbon Footprint of Our Network Infrastructure”.


  • Laurel Burton, Executive Vice President of Account Strategy at JSA


  • Nicole Diersheide, Director – Category Large Engine 600kW at Kohler
  • Jonathan Gibbs, SVP Design and Construction at Prime Data Centers
  • Kim Gunnelius, Managing Director at Verne Global – Finland
  • Bill Kleyman, Board Member at Neu.ro
  • Melissa Reali-Elliott, Content Marketing Manager at DC BLOX
  • Maxie Reynolds, CEO at Subsea Cloud

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