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Building the Business Case for Going Green [Watch on Demand]

In this virtual roundtable, JSA’s Dean Perrine is joined by a panel of experts who offer insights on how the telecoms and data center industry are saving money and improving efficiencies within their data center walls by reducing their carbon footprints.

Speakers include:

  • Michael Borron | Associate Vice President – Global Data Center Advisory Group, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Raymond Burrell | Senior Sales Executive, EkkoSense
  • Jason Carolan | CIO, Flexential
  • Pete Nisbet | Managing Partner, edenseven
  • Francois Sterin | COO at Data4Group

Tune in as the panel discusses these important questions (and more!) facing the industry:

  • How are data centers aligning financial and sustainability benefits?
  • How can operators link business case development back to overall customer need, net zero ambitions and carbon reporting?
  • What will sustainability’s role be in the competitive landscape?

Greener Data
Author: Greener Data


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