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powerhouse data centers joins infrastructure masons climate accord

PowerHouse Data Centers Joins Infrastructure Masons Climate Accord to Help Achieve Carbon Neutrality

PowerHouse Data Centers, a division of American Real Estate Partners (AREP) announced this month that it has joined the Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) Climate Accord (ICA). PowerHouse is a longtime promoter of sustainable design construction from site planning to data center shell completion.

Joining more than 170 companies in signing the organization’s Climate Accord to promote sustainability in the data center industry, PowerHouse Data Centers is excited to be a part of an organization that highlights sustainable data center design and construction, while reducing obstacles to sustainable practices by being transparent and cost-efficient. 

“PowerHouse Data Centers is proud to be a part of a growing list of companies to join the iMasons Climate Accord, an unprecedented group of collaborating digital infrastructure companies to accelerate the journey to carbon neutrality,” said Doug Fleit, Co-founder and CEO of AREP.

For more information about PowerHouse Data Center’s sustainable data center design practices, read the full press release here, learn more about the unique Arcola data center opportunity in Ashburn and visit www.powerhousedata.com to learn more.


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