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Vol 2 Author

Susanna Kass



Susanna Kass is Co-founder and BOD at InfraPrime. Currently, she is Operating Partner, Digital Gravity Infrastructure Partners, focus on discovering AI technology to accelerate performance, energy efficiency, for sustainability investments. Susanna is also a Board member at Stanford University Graduate Management Board (GMB) Women’s Circle, a data center advisor to the UNSDG Programme, a lecturer on Urban Sustainability Design at Stanford University, Cornell University, National University of Singapore, DTU, UCLA, UC Berkeley and SDSU, a researcher at CE4A and a Climate 50-member of the topmost Climate Change global leaders, an inventor with clean energy patents. Susanna was COO for eBay International, held 33 years of executive roles in data center global business, managed innovation and sustainability operations at HP, Sun, NextEra Energy, and Baselayer. She has led over 3.8 GW of renewable power contracts and clean energy project with clients including Google, Meta Facebook, Microsoft, Equinix, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Apple, Akamai, John Hopkins University, Stanford University and Walmart that use clean energy, Net Zero design for site selection, and 24/7 zero carbon energy build and operations.  Her passion is leading a Carbon Free Economy. 

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