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Vol 2 Author

Loren Long

Co-Founder & CEO


Loren Long has almost 30 years of experience as a leader in technology and sustainability.  Currently, he is Co-Founder of 3TAG which is creating the first-of-its-kind automated platform to enable manufacturers, enterprises, and regulatory agencies to improve the accuracy of embodied carbon values and communicate them throughout the supply chain from cradle-to-grave to ensure circularity and help achieve net zero.  He is also a managing director with Clear Sustainability, an advisory practice to help data center operators, manufacturers, and governmental entities to create comprehensive, executable sustainability programs.  Loren earned his BS in Physics and Nuclear Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas, and MSc in Environment and Sustainability from the University of London.  He lives outside London with his wife and family.

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