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Cato Joins Infrastructure Masons Climate Accord to Help Data Centers Achieve Carbon Neutrality

The movement is picking up steam, fast! Cato has become a founding member of the Infrastructure Masons Climate Accord (ICA). The ICA has brought together over 70 companies including Cato, AWS, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Schneider Electric, T5 Data Centers and dozens of other global companies, to accelerate the digital infrastructure industry’s journey to carbon neutrality.

“This incredibly important initiative is uniting the builders of the digital age on carbon reduction, including two of Cato’s important partners, Schneider Electric and T5. The most sustainable data center is one that is never built. Cato’s M9 software unlocks stranded power capacity in data centers increasing utilization and efficiency slowing the need to build more.” -Teri Klug, VP of Business Development, Cato

The leaders at Cato believe that digital infrastructure is the foundation for an equitable and inclusive world, where every person on the planet participates in the digital economy. But the digital future won’t be better unless it’s also sustainable. The iMasons’ Industry Sustainability Vision, “Every Click Improves the Future”, is a powerful motivator for Cato. The company aspires to create a future where digital infrastructure is able to run itself, maximizing utilization and efficiency. 

Cato M9 software makes that autonomy possible by delivering two major sustainability benefits. First, maximizing usage of existing data center power capacity and reducing the need to build more. Secondly, new data centers are built to be highly optimized from day-one decreasing capital investments and associated embodied carbon.

“Cato software allows us to sell more capacity by delivering cloud-like flexibility on-prem to our tenants. By enabling elastic power through Cato’s M9 software, we help our customers align their workloads to different SLAs, just like cloud. The result is higher utilization, lower costs and lower carbon.” – Craig McKesson, Chief Commercial Officer, T5 Data Centers

T5 is deploying Cato software across three US markets to enable their customers to safely maximize the use of their power infrastructure and lower their costs. This slows the deployment of additional resources, lowering the carbon emitted for every click across the T5 portfolio.

 “Cato’s M9 software is enabled by Schneider Electric intelligent hardware. Data center ecosystems thrive when you achieve a harmonious balance between hardware and software to maximize efficiency, resiliency and sustainability. At Schneider Electric, we remain committed to driving data center sustainability through purposeful innovation and industry collaboration.”  Joe Reele, Vice President of Solutions Architects, Schneider Electric

Cato, Schneider Electric and T5 are partnering to unlock stranded power capacity in data centers across the globe doing their part to deliver on the iMasons Climate Accord to reduce carbon in materials, products and power.

To learn more visit cato.digital/M9T5 Data Centers and Schneider Electric


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