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How 1623 Farnam Takes Responsibility for Promoting Sustainable IT

Data centers are power-intensive facilities that need to somehow reconcile the demand for dense and power-hungry applications with the growing requirements for reducing environmental impact. There’s a long road ahead to reach data center sustainability, however, one data center located in Omaha, 1623 Farnam, is making progress on this journey through sustainably advantageous partnerships and green fluid cooling.

Partnerships Fuel Data Center Sustainability Progress

Part of a well-known proverb states that “If you want to go far, go together.” On the road to sustainable data center operations, this undoubtedly rings true. Data centers rely on partners to build, complete and maintain their environments, and 1623 Farnam has found a great partner in Omaha Public Power District (OPPD). Even though the data center is located in an already energy-efficient area, 1623 Farnam takes advantage of the range of sustainability-minded, renewable energy options offered by OPPD to reduce its environmental impact locally and globally.

Making Green Cool

In addition to partnering with a great local resource to obtain more sustainable power, 1623 Farnam is working to balance power demands for cooling to carefully maintain the proper internal data center temperature and support the goal of reducing resource waste. For the data center, green fluid coolers are the answer to that balance. Mounted on the roof, these cooling systems enable 1623 Farnam to achieve 7,000 hours of fluid recirculation each year, resulting in less resource waste.

To learn more about 1623 Farnam and its sustainability journey, click here to read its recent blog or visit www.1623farnam.com.


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