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Debate on Data Center Power Propels Sustainability Efforts

While the debate rages on about the amount of power it takes to power critical data center infrastructure around the globe for the telecom industry, calls for sustainability coupled with potential moratoriums on new data center builds are ramping up.

Most recently, Taoiseach Micheál Martin announced there will not be a moratorium on any data center construction project in Ireland. This announcement was made despite calls for energy grid power concerns. Data center companies in the area, though, must show proof they can generate their own power in future build applications.

There has been previous calls for a data center construction moratorium as demand swirls in the region for stricter carbon emissions mandates and natural gas limitations.

The sustainability movement in the digital infrastructure industry continues to gain momentum, with the iMasons Climate Accord announced in April. More than 150 companies across the world have joined the cause and are pledging ways to promote sustainable long term growth while reducing the carbon footprint in digital infrastructure power, materials and products.


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